Should you experience any problems with your GK trucks, follow these steps depending on your situation:

Broken Hangers or Baseplates

1. Email and provide the following information: 2. In some cases, we will ask that you send your trucks in to be reviewed before we will warranty them. You will pay the shipping.

Broken Kingpins

1. Email and provide the following information: 2. If the kingpin should break, it will break inside the insert - see if you can pull out the insert out of the baseplate. This will require just a little force to push it out. In 99% of the cases, the insert comes out.

3. If you can get it out, we will send you a new insert/kingpin to install into your truck.

4. If you can't, send us the trucks (again, you pay the shipping) and we will install new inserts/kingpins and send you back your trucks.

Please send warranty items to the following address:

Dark Horse Distribution
c/o Warranty Department
1040 Princeton Drive
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

We will do everything possible to expedite your warranty and apologize in advance should you ever experience a problem with your trucks. We pride ourselves on having the lowest defect rate in the industry. We stand behind the quality of our trucks which is why we guarantee them; refer to our technology section for more details.